Nicolas Brouard

French Version (usually more detailed)

Last update : 20 February 1997
As Director of Research at the National Institute of Population Studies in Paris (INED) I am coordinating a Research Unit called "Mortality, Health, Epidemiology".
In 1994 I wrote a chapter of a collective book, African Population and AIDS, which is partly accessible from the World-wide Web. Partly means that the full text of the book is not accessible but some of the published figures and tables are. Also these figures and tables are interactive. You can change the life expectancy and HIV prevalence and get a new figure which can be incorporated in your own book.

You may be interested by our weekly seminar Démodynamiques which I am coordinating with Laurent Toulemon (INED), or by the exams (and their solutions!) which I administered to my students from the Demographic Institute of Paris.

Our seminar is actually (and experimentally) broadcasted on Internet (audio only) since January 30th 1997.

We are also coordinator of the concerted action from the European Union named Euro-REVES where REVES is the french acronym of "Réseau sur l'espérance de vie en santé". Both servers are maintained by us.